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Use Step and Clean Sticky Mat


Since the mid 1980’s industrial Clean Rooms have used a special sticky surfaced mat, like  Step and Clean to prevent contamination from entering the “must be clean environment” of Research and Development Clean Rooms.  Step and Clean will protect the Carpeted, Hardwood, Marble, Granite, Travertine, and any other floor surface in your home or office from the tracked in dirt on the shoes of your family members or guests. No more having to say, “please wipe your feet” or “please take off your shoes". And say goodbye to worrying about your pet’s dirty paws.


The introductory combination of a 24" x 30" pack of 30 disposable sheets with a reusable 25" x 31" frame included is economically priced. These unique mats are attractively styled and are safe to use even in bare feet. There is no sticky residue left on your skin, shoes or floor. Just the dirt and grit and grime get left behind with Step and Clean!


 Our Back Door*



                                 Our Front Door at Halloween*                                                     


               Removing a soiled sheet from a Step and Clean Sticky Mat




*White mats used in the example photos and video clearly show

how much dirt is left  behind.   The dirty footprints on designer

patterns and custom logo Step and Clean™ mats are much less

noticeable and they trap dirt  just like the white color mat……..

"Just the dirt and grit and   grime get left behind with

Step and Clean™" The small images on the right side of this

page are designer prints available  for Sticky Mats. Click on

Buy now button on the menu (top left) to view all available

images and prices.
























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