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GHP Financial Inc
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20700 Ventura Blvd #330
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Last year my wife Carol visited a designer showcase home in Pasadena. Approximately every six months a different interior designer does the interior for display to the public. When Carol entered the house she stepped on a mat with a sticky surface placed there to help keep the carpeting and hard wood flooring clean. Since there was quite a bit of traffic you can imagine what a difficult thing it is to make sure dirty shoes didn’t soil the interior surfaces. She immediately fell in love with the unusual mat and tracked down the company that sold them to the designers. She ordered a case consisting of four mats each with 30 disposable sheets.  We placed a mat inside our front and back doors and began stepping on them whenever we entered the house. It was really an eye opener to see how much dirt there is on what might look like a clean shoe. The footprints of deposited and trapped dirt shows up very clearly on the mats.  Stop for a moment and think of all the not so clean things you step on or walk through every day.

I have been a mortgage broker for 30 + years and was so impressed with the product I decided to become a distributor of these unique mats. They are primarily used in industrial “clean rooms” in the manufacture of  pharmaceuticals, electronics , and in bio research and development, aerospace industries and many other areas. In some cases workers are required to wear special clean suits, booties, masks, and must enter the work rooms through special air filters AND walk on the  Sticky Mats at the entrances  to the rooms. (See Adhesive Discussion) The mats have been around for about twenty years but not widely used outside of these areas.

I began showing the sticky mats  to friends, networking groups, realtors for open houses, pet owners, moms with kids and anyone who I thought would benefit from the use of Sticky Mats.  The response was so good I trade marked the name “Step and Clean” www.stepandclean.com  and began building  a company to market  them.


Carol is a permanent makeup artist, works at home, www.carolpackman.com  and has many, mostly women, clients walking through our house to her working area almost every day. They are all intrigued by the mats and very surprised to see how much dirt they trap. Just about everyone asks, “where can I buy “Step and Clean” mats”, and then a sale is made to another happy customer. 

Instead of just the standard white, blue, or grays of the clean room industry we offer designer images and custom logos on the mats. Everyone who sees and tries them loves “STEP and CLEAN™  ” mats and wants to know more about them.  it’s especially enjoyable to see kids having fun wiping their feet without being told.  What a concept.!            

Gary Packman 





Time out for some fun. We have a 30 year old Amazon Parrot. His name is Packy and all of our friends know him. Packy likes to clean the floors in our house. Watch the video below.


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