Step and Clean Sticky Mat for RE Agents
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Placing a Step and Clean™ MAT AND FRAME COMBINATION in high traffic areas and main entrances of the OPEN HOUSE will significantly decrease the amount of dust and dirt that typically tracks in from foot-traffic and equipment wheels.  Using a Step and Clean™ STICKY MAT will reduce maintenance and cleaning costs and prolong the life of floor finishes and carpets. Both of which benefit the homeowner and advertises the broker (Custom logos available).

 To compliment our offering of contamination control mats. The Step and Clean™STICKY MAT frame system provides the same effective method of removing particles from foot-traffic and equipment wheels as the Step and Clean™ STICKY MAT for clean rooms.  In addition to the OPEN HOUSE setting, these mats are perfect for any workplace location where protecting a facility from dust, dirt, and contamination is paramount.


 The Intro Step and Clean™ STICKY  MAT AND REUSEABLE FRAME COMBINATION is comprised of a 30 -sheet layered mat applied to a reusable polystyrene frame.  Each layer of the mat is coated with an adhesive that is formulated to capture soil and contain it until the layer is peeled away and discarded. Non-skid, non-stick backing applied to the bottom of the frame provides stability on carpets, tile, concrete, linoleum, wood and other floor surfaces. The mat and frame combination can be easily relocated to high traffic areas and removed during routine floor maintenance procedures.




Terracotta Sticky Mat. White Sandstone Sticky Mats. Black Sandstone Sticky Mats.


Terracotta Mosaic White
PFM 253131-W17 
25x30 inch
Includes 30 Layers Clear Replacement Mat

Sandstone White
PFM 253131-W18 
25x30 inch
Includes 30 Layers Clear Replacement Mat

Sandstone Black
PFM 253131-B12
25x30 inch
Includes 30 Layers Clear Replacement Mat

Black Mosaic Sticky Mats. Blue, White and Gray Sticky Mats. Paws Sticky Mat.

Gray Mosaic
PFM 253131-B15
25x30 inch
Includes 30 Layers Clear

Replacement Mat


Includes 30 Layers Replacement Blue/White/Gray


Purus Paws 
PF 2531-W20
25x30 inch
Includes 30 Layers Clear Replacement Mat


Replacement Mats*
24x30, 30 Layers, 4 per case,

Color: Clear


Tan Mosaic, Black Frame PFM 2531 31 B 14 $49.95



White Paws, Black Frame PFM 2531 31 B 19 $49.95




 *All replacement mats are clear. The image is printed on the frame






Standard Sizes and Colors PDF Print E-mail


24"x 30"   One 30 Layer Mat w/ Frame

Color/Style Part #
Terracotta Mosaic/White Frame  PFM 2531 31 W 17
Grey Mosaic/ Black Frame  PFM 2531 31 B 15
Sandstone/ Black Frame PFM 2531 31 B 12
Sandstone/ White Frame PFM 2531 31 W 18
Purus Paws/ White Frame PFM 2531 31 W 20

Custom packaging and sizes available: The standard industrial version is available with blue, grey and white mats on a white or black frame. Custom logo and designer print mats are also available. Designer prints have mosaic and ornate designs which compliment residential and office interiors.                                


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Adhesive Coating

Consistent coverage ensures maximum performance on each layer of the mat.

Numbered Tabs

Ensure one layer at a time removal and indicates number of remaining layers.

Industrial or Designer Versions

Available with 4 Mats/Case in industrial and designer versions.




This special Intro package contains one 24 x 30 inch 30 sheet pack and frame

Shipping and Handling $9.00
Tax $4.38

Total $58.38


The Custom Logo on the Frame has a one time art work and printing cost of $75. The image stays on the Frame for all replacement Sticky Mats. Replacement Sticky Mats come in packs of (4) 30 sheet mats per case. The (4) pack case contains 120 sheets and is $60.00