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"It never rains in southern California... Man it pours", but I'm not worried about doggie paw prints on my nice shiny marble foyer floor. I use a Step and Clean mat just inside the door to prevent paw prints from ruining my day rain or shine.


Brenda K.

Sepulveda CA




I am a wedding planner for a small church in a downtown area. There is heavy vehicle and foot traffic on the street where the church is located. As a result there is a lot of dust and grime that gets tracked into the church. An elderly woman cleans the floors the day before each wedding. She used to get so upset when the freshly scrubbed floors would get dirty during the rehearsals held on the eve before the wedding. We discovered Step and Clean mats and I put them at the church entrance before the wedding party arrives for rehearsal. The next morning the floors are still sparkling and ready for the event and our cleaning lady is proud and happy. I highly recommend Step and Clean for anyone with a similar problem.


Sylvia W

Phoenix AZ





I was worried that my dogs wouldn’t want to walk on the sticky mat, but I put one right inside the doggie door and they don’t mind it at all. The sticky mat is keeping their muddy paw prints off our floors. Our kids love it, too!


Aaron L., Woodland Hills, CA




Step and Clean mats are like a magic act in Vegas.....The footprints disappear from your floors right before your eyes.



Las Vegas NV





I am writing to tell you how Step and Clean sticky mats help me to keep my whole house cleaner than ever. I have a lovable little toy poodle coming and going through her pet door that leads to our back yard. She used to track dirt through the house each time. Now she steps on the Step and Clean mat and her little paws are clean before she steps on our white carpet. "Mitzi" is even more lovable these days thanks to this amazing product.


Katherine M.

San Bernardino CA



Our three cats used to bring a lot of dust and dirt into the house on their paws. Step and Clean has been very helpful with that particular mess." Edgar, Allan and Poe" love walking on the mat when they come into the house. Sometimes they will even walk around in a circle on the mat and their little feet get really, really ,really clean. Thank you, thank you, thank you cats. ....and thank you Step and Clean.


Michael F.

Little Rock AK





Re: Step and Clean


I'm a retired lawyer and in a wheelchair I rely on family and friends to help out with the cleaning. I have a ramp that gets me easily into the house but keeping the house clean is difficult. My sister discovered Step and Clean and when I roll into the house in my wheelchair I don't leave marks on the floor anymore. The special surface of the sticky door mat picks up dirt from the wheels.


Jarrett S. + Barbara L.

Bradenton FL







I show houses for sale in a senior community. The elderly residents are so happy when I show up with Step and Clean Mats to protect their floors from foot traffic.


Dean A.

Hagerstown MD





 My husband is always working in the garage attached to our house. No matter how hard he tries not to bring sawdust into the house and even though I have throw rugs everywhere to wipe feet on, a fine layer would always end up on our hardwood floors and furnishings. Now we have Step and Clean Mats and the floors and furniture stay sawdust free.  Thanks Step and Clean!!!!


Rachel + Marty N.

Gloucester MA




Step and Clean is a miracle. no more nagging  my family to wipe their feet at the door.


Susan R.

Detroit MI





Recently we had renovation work done in our living room. One of my friends suggested getting some Step and Clean mats to put right outside the work area. She had warned me of what a mess a small amount of dry wall repair could make. I'm so glad I listened to her advice. The Step and Clean mats prevented the drywall dust from being tracked through my house. Now that the work is complete I plan to continue using the mats to help keep my house clean. My kids loved using them during the renovation and now  wipe their feet on the mats whenever they come in to the house. I feel like I won a "door" prize.


Janice S.

Palm Springs CA




             (A couple more testimonials, but in the interest of full disclosure, the two below are from relatives of the owner of the Step and Clean company)


My brother sent me a few samples of Step and Clean Sticky Mats to try out for his company. My long gravel driveway produces a lot of dust and dirt that used to get tracked all through my house. Breakdown of the beautiful fall leaves contribute to the problem. Step and Clean mats at all the entrances have solved that problem and all thoughts of paving the driveway have been put to rest thanks to this wonderful product. I continue to enjoy the tree lined drive and the charming crunching sound of the gravel underfoot without all the extra work thanks to Step and Clean.  Gary, thanks for letting me do a trial run of Step and Clean.




Frederick MD





 My 9 year old son and his friends play outside all year long --rain or shine! Thanks to Step and Clean the boys can come and go in my house without having to constantly take their shoes on and off..leaving the playground where it belongs... Outside!



New Market, MD 

P.S. My Uncle owns the Step and Clean company….I'm so Lucky!!!!



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