Why Sticky Mat
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Wipe your feet.  Please take of your shoes.  Please wipe your feet


How many times have you heard yourself repeating these words?

How often is it embarrassing to ask, and so you don’t?



Since the mid 1980’s industrial CLEAN ROOMS have used a special dirt-trapping mat called a STICKY MAT to prevent contamination from entering the “super clean environment” of special Research and Development work areas.


NOW, from the Clean Rooms of MEDICAL, PHARMACEUTICAL and ELECTRONICS industries, comes the Step and Clean™ Sticky Mat. These unique mats are now available to protect many types of carpeted or hard surface floors in the home. Tracked in dirt on the shoes of family members or guests will no longer be a problem. Floors will stay cleaner and you won't have to say, “please wipe your feet” or “please take off your shoes”. In addition to those mentioned above, a wide range of other types of businesses also benefit from the use of Step and Clean™ floor mats. (see Uses and Benefits page)


The Step and Clean™ Sticky Mats come in different sizes and shapes, colors and designs. (see examples below) Each Sticky Mat consists of 30 or 60 very thin sheets of polyethylene with an adhesive top surface, each of which can be easily peeled off the pack by pulling a numbered tab. This will remove the dirty sheet and expose another clean sheet of Sticky Mat. The numbered tab indicates the number of remaining sheets. In a residential setting, each sheet can last several days and pack of 30 can last 2-3 months or more depending on the amount of foot traffic. Commercial use is determined by type of business and foot traffic.





WITH A FRAME - The Step and Clean™ 30-sheet replaceable mat pack attached to a thin rigid plastic REUSEABLE FRAME for portability is the most popular style used in the home. The frame has an anti skid bottom for easy  placement on almost any surface including carpet or uneven surfaces.


Refills of 30 or 60 sheet packs of Step and Clean™ Sticky Mats are available to replace the used ones on the frame.  


WITHOUT A FRAME-    A multi -sheet PACK of Step and Clean™

Sticky Mats can be placed directly on hard surfaces (without a frame) and will stay in place held by an adhesive layer on the bottom of the pack or with several rows of double-sided adhesive tape.



The Step and Clean™ Sticky Mat offers the perfect alternative to a standard doormat or even the removal of shoes in keeping floors clean. Every house in your neighborhood probably has a mat just inside the door that catches large particle dirt from shoes or pets as they enter the house. As these traditional doormats get dirty the dirt often transfers back to the shoes.  Step and Clean™ mats are used like regular door mats except that they have a top surface on each disposable sheetthat traps and holds the dirt deposited by dirty shoes, as it is stepped on. That surface is non-toxic and sticky but does not leave any residue on your shoes or even bare feet.

The Step and Clean™ mat at the door or at other interior locations will help you keep your house cleaner by reducing cleaning time and frequency. 


A lot of homes these days have Tile, Marble, Travertine, Wood or some other hard surface flooring. If you have kids or pets they are constantly tracking in dirt and mud, you are constantly sweeping and mopping or vacuuming to get rid of streaks and footprints dust and dirt. Homes that have Wall-to-Wall Carpeting can look worn and soiled in a matter of months, particularly in the high traffic areas. Step and Clean™ Sticky Mats trap most of the dirt and grime, and less is deposited onto the flooring. As a result, your carpets and hard surface floors will stay cleaner, fresher and new looking much longer.

 Think of Step and Clean™ as the new welcome mat with of all the dirt and grime trapped on the doormat instead of on the floors. 



When CHILDREN come in from playing outside they have all sorts of dirt and grime all over the bottoms of their shoes. Most of them will neglect to actually wipe their feet on the doormat and then that dirt and grime is all over your tile floor, or even worse, the carpet. Once in the house, kids often remove their shoes and just drop them down anywhere, and even more of the dirt is then left on the floor. With a Step and Clean™ mat at the doorway, the dirt and grime gets automatically stuck to the mat. Kids love to see the footprints magically left behind on the mat and actually have fun to wiping their feet. It'll no longer be necessary to “nag” them to wipe their feet. This is a GOOD THING!



In addition to home entrances a Step and Clean™ mat just inside of a doggie door or in front of a cat's litter box can save a lot of time. Unwelcome little footprints and cat litter tracked around the house will be a thing of the past making those adorable little creatures even more lovable.



Many people these days have home businesses and have clients or associates entering a home office through the front door and over the carpeted or hard surface flooring of the home. This can lead to unsightly traffic areas and a build up of dirt on hard surfaces not necessarily visible to the naked eye. Dirt on the floor also increases the wear and tear of floor coverings and other surfaces. A Step and Clean™ Sticky Mat placed inside a doorway will eliminate much of the negative effects of business traffic on home floors. Clients and customers are often attracted to the novelty of stepping on the sticky mat several times just to see the amount of dirt coming off their shoes. Step and Clean™ mats with business logos can be custom ordered.  



In an Open House showing or Model Homes it is difficult to keep the traffic areas free from the effects of people walking into and around the house, especially with polished floors and light color carpeting. Homeowners can save money by eliminating the need to re-clean or even have to replace expensive flooring. Realtors can show a great deal of respect for the property by placing Step and Clean™

Sticky Mats at front and rear entrances, and especially at interior entrances from the garage. Step and Clean™ mats come in a variety of colors and designs including business logos. This is another great way to advertise at an Open House, while providing another service to the homeowner or builder.



Homes with workshops in the garage and basement create and extra amount of dirty foot traffic, especially workshop doors that lead directly into the house.  

Step and Clean™ Sticky Mats provide a good defense against the assault on floors. With a mat placed at the exit of the shop, sawdust and dirt stays in the workshop where it belongs.

Strategically placed Step and Clean™ Sticky Mats can dramatically reduce the amount of drywall and sawdust spread through a house or office during a renovation project. Great for the do it yourself or contracted projects.


USE IN INDUSTRIAL CLEAN ROOMS (see Clean Room Primer on Main Menu on the HOME PAGE) 


To find out more about Step and Clean™ Sticky Mats go to the Step and Clean™ Home Page Menu and select a category.


Terracotta Mosaic White
PFM 253131-W17 

Includes 30 Layers Clear Replacement Mat


Sandstone White
PFM 253131-W18 

Includes 30 Layers Clear Replacement Mat

Sandstone Black
PFM 253131-B12

Includes 30 Layers Clear Replacement Mat

Gray Mosaic
PFM 253131-B15

Includes 30 Layers Clear Replacement Mat


Includes30 Layers Replacement  Mat Blue/White/Gray


Purus Paws 
PF 2531-W20

Includes 30 Layers Clear Replacement Mat


Replacement Mats 
24x30, 30 Layers, 4 per case,

Color: Clear