Adhesive Thickness Print

The adhesive coating thickness on each layer is vital in the performance of the mat to function over time. When the particle is captured by the adhesive, it must have someplace to go. The softness of the adhesive allows the particles to embed in the adhesive layer so that it has someplace to go and the mat can continue to perform. Typical adhesive layers in cleanroom matting are 2-4 mils thick (50-100 microns). If the adhesive layer is too thin the particles will remain on the surface and shorten the time that the mat can continue to function. A washable mat (polymeric) is the ultimate example of a mat with no adhesive thickness. Since there is no coating to absorb the particles they remain on the surface until they are washed off. A shoe or wheel that comes in contact with a previously used spot does not actually contact the mat but only with the particles. This results in a very rapid performance decline for this type of matting.