Adhesive Softness Print

 The softness of the adhesive is critical for the ongoing performance of each layer of a cleanroom mat. For the particle of dirt to be removed from the shoe or wheel surface it must be able to embed in to the adhesive. This characteristic works as the dominate partner with tack level to remove each particle. If the adhesive is too hard this will not take place. This could result in the particles remaining on the shoe or wheel surface or even if they are removed, on the surface of the adhesive. If the particles remain on the surface of the adhesive layer it can inhibit the mat from performing when the next shoe or wheel comes in contact with that exact area. The particles can even be potentially “picked up” when the next shoe or wheel that crosses over them. When the adhesive is soft enough the particles will embed providing the adhesive has enough thickness to accept the particle. Conversely the adhesive can not be too soft or adhesive transfer to the shoe or wheel can occur. Sometimes a mat layer that feels extremely “sticky” is representative of an adhesive that is very soft. This high tack with very soft adhesive can be a risk to transfer contamination to the controlled environment.